Accounts Receivable Financing In Houston, TX

D.P. Martone Capital understands how powerful accounts receivable financing in Houston, TX is for local business owners. Accounts receivable financing in Houston provides a healthy cash flow for businesses that are:

  • Just getting started and need working capital
  • Trying to build a credit profile
  • Experiencing a strain on cash flow
  • Considered a risk by traditional lending channels
  • Facing bankruptcy

D.P. Martone Capital Provides Accounts Receivable Financing In Houston, TX

Accounts receivable financing from D.P. Martone Capital offers Houston, Texas businesses across all industries a number of advantages, including:

  • Cash for unpaid customer invoices within 24 hours
  • More flexible financing than traditional loans
  • Financing based on your customers’ credit, not yours
  • Detailed monthly statements for accounting
  • Credit information on current and prospective customers
  • Financing that increases with your sales
  • Eliminate payment schedules and backlogs
  • No need to make collections

Accounts Receivable Financing In Houston, TX Is Not A Loan

Most local business owners want to sidestep the pitfalls of debt-based financing structures. Accounts receivable financing in Houston, TX does not involve any debt. Since accounts receivable financing is based on unpaid invoices, the exchange is fast and efficient, delivering capital to Houston area businesses within 24 hours. By submitting unpaid invoices, local entrepreneurs can eliminate the wait on payments for customers. Additionally, businesses can clear out their backlogs of unsettled customer accounts. What is more, there is no longer a need to perform collection on customer accounts which have aged out of their payment windows. When customers have delinquent invoices, those receivables are usually passed onto collection services, which can add up to 45 days on top of the payment schedule from the time they are submitted. With accounts receivable financing in Houston, D.P. Martone Capital can turn delinquent invoices into capital, regardless of size or volume.

Accounts Receivable Financing Allows Houston, TX Businesses To Grow

Because accounts receivable financing is a debt-free working capital solution, Houston area businesses can accumulate revenue and growth capital quickly, allowing entrepreneurs to:

  • Increase inventory
  • Meet financial obligations
  • Pay down existing liabilities
  • Hire new employees
  • Acquire new equipment
  • Roll out new products and services
  • Expand into larger facilities

While most businesses is Houston, TX believe that traditional bank loans are the only way to get growth capital, that financing is finite and hinders entrepreneurs with unnecessary debt. Accounts receivable financing is debt-free, so Houston business owners can focus on growth without losing momentum. The nearly instantaneous conversion of invoices to capital also means that business accounting is streamlined, because the responsibility of getting payments from customers falls on us, not you.

Finding The Best Accounts Receivable Financing In Houston, TX

D.P. Martone Capital is committed to delivering the best accounts receivable financing in Houston, TX. Our team of experts will work with you directly to create a debt free working capital solution to fit your needs and ensure long-term success.